A Catholic Knight

A Catholic Knight

26 July, 2016

The Lives that Matter

In the wake of recent violence in the civil order, there has been a resurgence of the movement known as Black Lives Matter. Unfortunately, this has invoked two reactionary movements called All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter. As a Catholic, I have problems with all of them.

13 March, 2015

Who's To Blame?

As we approach Good Friday, making our way through the liturgical season of Lent, our mind is brought again and again to the Cross. More specifically, the Crucifix. As Catholics, we always have (or should have) reminders of Christ crucified. Crucifixes are in our churches, in our homes, around our necks, hanging from the mirrors of our cars, and even in our pockets. The image of the suffering of Christ is nearly always present to us, but during Lent, we are prompted to ask why.