A Catholic Knight

A Catholic Knight

05 November, 2014

The Third Way

I am working on some articles to post and will try to start posting on a regular schedule (still being worked out).

In the mean time, I know that many out there will not like the message behind this documentary, but it is an important message about the Catholic Church.

This documentary not only explains an important message for homosexuals struggling to live the Faith, it has a very important message for heterosexual Catholics about how we act and comments we make that create a hostile and, quite frankly, unchristian atmosphere within the Church.

Rather than trying to sweep aside Church doctrine in regard to what can be a difficult issue on a personal level, this documentary takes it head-on. It treats the subject with sensitivity and compassion while remaining entirely faithful to Christ and His Church. I already agreed with everything in this documentary, but I found myself profoundly moved by it.

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